August 11th-13th, 2017

The Marriott at Burbank Airport

Welcome to Dance IDEAS!

We have assembled an amazing cast of Top Industry Professionals or in other words “Teacher’s teachers” that will motivate and inspire you to take a fresh look at your classes and students at your schools.

They will also train, test and certify your Assistant Teachers to be VALUABLE and LOYAL assets to your studio for Years!

We have also assembled Top Business Pros to give you the best advantage to running a very successful studio.

  • Inspire yourself and other teachers with a fresh look at dance.
  • Discover new approaches and methods to invigorate your studio program.
  • Educate the next generation so they may correctly carry on the techniques and love for our art form.
  • Aspire to the greatest level we can achieve as educators.
  • Succeed in creating a studio that moves dance forward as an art form for generations.

Dance IDEAS Welcomes

Liz Imperio • Jackie Sleight • Paula Morgan • Bonnie Story • Holly Humphreys
Barry Youngblood • Caitlin Kinney • Robert Prescott Lee • Ryan Lohoff

also business and marketing experts

Darryl Retter (Owner of MusicWorks, Marketing and Studio Management Expert)

Jim Keith (Top LA Dance Agent)

and MORE!

*Additional Faculty TBA*

Studio Owner and Dance Teacher Conference

  • Innovative Teaching Techniques that Get Results!
  • Choreographic and Staging Concepts
  • Profit Building Strategies
  • Online and Social Media Marketing
  • Valuable In Classroom Work
  • Pre School Dance Education
  • Injury Prevention and Nutrition
  • Tools You Need to run a Successful Studio
    Register by February 15 and Pay Only $375!!
    (Standard rate $475)

The focus will range from a back to basics approach in technique in all forms of dance, innovative ideas to energize your classes, staging and creative concept building, nutrition, strength and injury prevention, pre-school dance education and more.

This Seminar will also be a coming together of the minds of Dance Studio Owners and Teachers to share their experiences in our industry to discuss successful strategies to build even stronger dance studios during our IDEAS Special Sessions.

This event will also feature business professionals that will bring their expertise in online social media strategies, marketing, studio management, music editing and other related topics to build your business.


The Dance IDEAS Assistant Teacher Training Program.

Dance IDEAS SeminarWe are offering an Assistants program that will train your assistants to better serve you at your studio!

  • How to become a Valuable Assistant
  • Proper Technique and How to make Constructive Corrections
  • Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Strength and Flexibility 
  • Problem Solving and Helping Younger Dancers
  • Pre School Dance Education and Curriculum
  • Going Pro In Todays Dance Industry
  • And a Whole Lot More!!
    * Assistants will be tested and CERTIFIED by our Dance Mentors.
    Register by February 15th and Pay Only $250!!
    (Standard rate $350)

Our goal is to give them the knowledge and temperament in order to better assist you in class, to step in when you may have the need for them to take over a class in your absence and to be loyal and respectful members of your team.

This training program taught by top industry professionals will feature classes in proper teaching techniques in all forms of dance including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop and injury prevention so your assistants will be knowledgeable enough to assist in correcting younger dancers.

The goal is to help you as a Studio Owner and Teacher to continuing building a fantastic team of Professionals at your studio.

We also will be offering these dancers special sessions with Top LA Dance Agencies so they may better understand the professional dance industry as well as opportunities for possible professional representation.