Caitlin Kinney

Ballet and Acro Technique

Ballet and Acro Technique

Sample Classes: Technique Tips/Tricks, Acro Transitions & Skills, Ballet Fundamentals

Growing up first as a gymnast and then later as a ballerina Caitlin has a wonderful knowledge of both worlds. After joining Hollywood Vibe as their featured ballet instructor she has excelled by demonstrating her love for the art of dance and educating the next generation of dancers. Her hands on and caring approach is what earns her the most compliments from dancers and teachers alike.

Caitlin launched her television and film career as a featured ballerina in the movie Step Up. That year she auditioned for the hit Fox reality show So You Think You Can Dance and became a top 12 finalist on Season 5. After a nationwide tour with SYTYCD, Caitlin moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Since then, she has performed on America’s Got Talent, the Academy Awards, and TV Land Awards, and has starred in commercials for Diet Coke, Progressive, and Heineken. She has also been performing and choreographing all over the world with artists such as Paula Abdul, Kanye West, and David Archuleta.

We are so proud to have Caitlin as a part of our dedicated faculty.